I am an illustrator and designer with 7+ years of experience in creative management and a background in photography and performing arts.

Born in Peru to a family of theater performers, musicians, and economists, it was natural for me to seek creative opportunities for self-expression and to develop a curiosity for people's behavior as consumers. Since then I've had the privilege to pursue a career combining my passions for art and connecting with people by helping brands develop long-term relationships with their audiences.
As a creative manager, I take pride in my ability to create and organize systems that enable my teams to collaborate efficiently. The projects I have led range from advertising campaigns to large-scale environmental graphics for exhibitions, from concert programs to data-rich infographics, all with a focus on building immersive experiences for people. 
I am available for freelance work and I'm particularly interested in partnering with value-driven organizations requiring project-based or long-term working relationships. 
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